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Courses Offered

JLA functions with weekend batches and weekday batches. Towards the end of a course, JLA announces the opening for new batch. A batch consists of maximum 10 students. There is no age limitation for enrolling into any course offered at JLA. Each program starts with an induction process followed by general awareness of the language, customs, tradition etc. of Japan. During a course, along with the language, Japanese customs like eating with a chopstick, wearing Kimono etc. are taught.

Conversation Course

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Exam oriented course – JLPT

JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) conducted by Japanese Government twice every year.

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It is basically segmented into three:

  • Those who seek to learn Japanese from a career perspective,
  • Those who want to learn the language for the educational purpose
  • Those who look forward to engaging their leisure time productively.